Samantha Eng is a New York based writer using her craft as a way to justify indulgences for all of life’s delicious wonders. In a world that is sometimes gray when following the traditional steps of every day, she embraces the vibrant bursts of colors that come from allowing yourself to live, have that second glass of wine and take a leap of faith.

With a master of arts in journalism, public relations and media studies, Samantha has the experience to back the education up.

By day, she works as a PR manager + social media strategist for a luxury fashion accessories company. With extensive copywriting and editing experience, Samantha manages seasonal press kits and product releases for 15+ designer brands, corporate announcements, web copy, entertainment marketing and sales material development on a daily basis. She’s extremely proficient in securing placements in global media outlets and has worked with the top trade and consumer publications in her industry. Her success is due to innovative and in-depth PR strategies created to secure top placement and maintain a high level of brand visibility. Meticulous with a natural eye, Samantha’s attention to detail has proven beneficial in the event planning for global launches, press conferences, promotional events and charitable fundraisers.

Samantha Eng

Samantha Eng aka “Ms. Eng in Action”

As a knowledgeable social media strategist experienced in working with numerous platforms, Samantha is ahead of the curve in understanding new social media trends and applying them to her industries. An acute understanding of engagement, content and dialogue, she knows how to create the social media buzz and leverage it for high level exposure.

By night, Samantha contributes to online media outlets including Socialite Life, luxury travel sites in New York City and South Beach, eFlirt Expert and was featured on

Samantha has an uncanny ability and understanding of the dynamic relationship between journalism and PR that can be seen in successful placements, content management, features and news articles.

Her pen name, Ms. Eng in Action, represents the duality she’s sees in herself daily. A play on words, Samantha is rarely M.I.A., but instead invites you to join her in the action.

Whether you’re joining Ms. Eng or Samantha is another question entirely.