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Last week, I suffered through my first New York City heat wave. Having been a south shore Long Island lady for most of my life, nothing could have prepared me for the humidity that hangs in the air between sky scrapers.

Needless to say, I missed the cooling breeze that came from living by the shore. Having space between myself and the person next to me when commuting — hell, I missed commuting in a car and being able to blast the AC at 100 percent while driving to work.

The subway is not kind to commuters during a heat wave. And I had forgotten what it was like to sweat standing still – it is not pleasant.

But there was salvation only a couple of blocks away. And thy name is Red Mango.

Let’s put aside the fact that I was happy to just step into AC, their menu boasted 22 brand new, super biotic summer smoothies. All natural frozen yogurt and free fruit ingredients – it was near impossible to decide what to order.

No really, it was impossible. I let three people jump ahead of me in line while I debated between Body Balance and All Fruit Harmony. Or should I get a Twisted Fruit?

“One large Super PB cup,” I found myself saying to the friendly Red Mango man behind the counter. Long gone were my thoughts of calorie counting when I saw the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate (520 calories to be exact. Healthy calories specifically, but I refrained from ordering two).

My friend, Alison, was a little more realistic with her order … but I know she faltered when I said PB. Yes, delicious PB. Still, she indulged on one of their boosts. Whether it was Metabolic Fit 360, Tropical Hibicus or Green Tea, I do not know. I was already at the end of the counter, waiting for peanut butter.

Sweet, delicious PB.

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Bethanny Frankel is Hooking Up in St. Tropez!

Because we all visit romantic St. Tropez with a billionaire and keep it completely platonic.

Soon-to-be divorced Bethenny Frankel seems to have found a shoulder to cry on. People magazine caught her waltzing around beautiful, exotic (and romantic) St. Tropez with longtime friend (err,boyfriend?) Warren Lichtenstein.

… Ya know, her successful chairman and CEO of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. confidant.

… That’s right, her hedge-fund mogul, billionaire BFF.

Still not sure who he is? Here’s a quick rap sheet on the wonder kid:

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What Will Fergie & Josh Name Baby Duhamel?

Ready for another crazy celebrity baby name?

Josh Duhamel played coy this week after revealing that he and wifeFergie are expecting a baby boy at the end of summer.

While Fergie officially changed her name from Stacy Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel just recently, this celebrity couple chooses to “keep it within the family” when it comes to naming their little tyke.

“Some people may not like it, some people may think it’s really cool, but we don’t really care—that’s why we’re not telling anybody,” he explains to People magazine about his son’s moniker.

Even Grandma’s in the dark. “We’re not even telling [Fergie's] mom because we don’t want to hear anything about it. That way you don’t feel like you’re second-guessing yourself. It’s between us—it’s a sacred thing.”

It’s a sacred thing? Um … Fergie just changed her last name to Duhamel after four years ofmarriage at almost seven months pregnant.

I digress. Back to the baby name …

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Emma Roberts Arrested: Bitch Slapped Boyfriend, Evan Peters

A boyfriend and a bloody nose. Did Emma Roberts bitch slap Evan Peters?

Creating a little American Horror Story of their own, America’s sweetheart—rather Julia Roberts‘ niece Emma Roberts—was recently arrested for domestic violence after allegedly getting into an altercation with her co-star boyfriend, Evan Peters.

The couple originally met when they starred together in Adult World, which released this year. And in comparison to her previous relationship with Glee’s Chord Overstreet, she’s kept it cool and quiet with this new beau. (Kind of goes along with the mood ofAmerican Horror Story if nothing else.)

And while her rep does some damage control—releasing the statement to Us Weekly, “It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it”—what we really want is for Emma to move past Evan. Like now.

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17 Signs You’re a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Addict

Next to you, Anastasia Steele’s obsession with Christian Grey looks like child’s play.

There may be three books in the series, a movie in the works, and celebrities jumping at the chance to play the risqué literary couple—but you were there before pandemonium broke lose, back when Miss Anastasia Steele was still a virgin.

You’ve named your “inner goddess” so your Fifty Shades passion runs deep. Like grey steel colored deep and that is totally ok.

After all, every little girl dreams about meeting her [whip wheeling, dominating] prince charming and little boy about wooing the [non-disclosure contract signing] woman of his dreams.

Here’s a list of signs that your obsession takes it to the next level—and you should probably be gagged and chained … happily:

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Weekend Wedding Sneak Attack: Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez

Let’s not make any rash judgments, but these two might be rushing to the altar.

The rumor mill is on fire with reports that sexy couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will head to the altar this weekend. The couple originally met in 2011 while filming Dark Tide.

Never heard of it? Not surprised. The best thing to come out of that practically straight to DVD movie is their relationship.

But why now? Why wed this weekend?

Aside from Berry swearing off marriages and then later eating her words—literally eating her words when speaking to Extra saying, “I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!” She’s been engaged to Olivier since March 2012 and she’s expecting their first child, a son, in April.

She’s prolonged it this long and with an ever growing belly, it’s hard to understand why she’d want to waddle down the aisle in white.

Ok, let’s be honest. She’s still looking more fabulous than I ever will as a single gal, attempting to nurture a failing gym routine.

Here are the top 3 reasons I can rationalize the rush:

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An eFlirt Expert Behind the Scenes: A Burst of Love

This Fourth of July I diverted from the normal single-in-the-city routine and celebrated with a few friends and their families at a local BBQ on the island. I knew I’d be the single chick friend-of-a-friend, and I accepted it early on. Might as well own it, right?

As the evening hours set in and the kids swarmed around me (benefits of being the “s’mores queen” and always having an ample supply of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers in my back pocket), the fireworks in the sky quickly stole attention away from the bonfire before us. And what really grabbed my attention were the little ones: I watched each of them toddle to their respective parents, tilt their heads to the sky and saw their eyes sparkle with the stars in the night sky.

But for once, I paid closer attention to the parents whose lap each tyke crawled into. Whether their arms were wrapped around the child’s waist or held up, hand pointing to the illuminated sky, what was unmistakable was the sparkle in their eyes … from watching their child.

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A 19-Point Reason Why Ian Somerhalder Shouldn’t Play Christan Grey

‘The Vampire Diaries’ star can’t fill Christian Grey’s handcuffs.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is rapidly becoming a reality now that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has been selected and a release date of August 1, 2014 announced. All that’s left to do is fill those pretty little handcuffs and fill out those worn jeans.

While some speculate that the director might stay close to home and hire her 23-year-old hubby, Aaron Johnson, there are other contenders leaping to the front of the line. A possible Man of Steel for Ms. Anastasia Steele could be Henry Cavill, who’s still flying high from box office success with the latest Superman installment. But what has everyone a twitter? Ian Somerhalder and his social media campaign to put him at the front of the casting list.

But with Christian Grey going down as one of pop literature’s sexiest bachelors, there are 19 reasons the part shouldn’t go to the current fan favorite:

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Robert Pattinson’s New Lust is a Kristen Stewart Clone

In Hollywood, mimicking is the sincerest form of flattery. Right?

Seems like Robert Pattinson has a severe case of the ex. Despite publicly announcing his split with Kristen Stewart last month, recent pictures of him spotted in L.A. with a K-Stew look-alike prove he might be having a harder than expected time separating from his Twilight co-star.

So who’s this mystery lady? Actress/model Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter and granddaughter to Elvis Presley. Yup, she’s like rock and roll royalty.

At first glance, Riley’s uninterested look and tousseled hair could easily pass for Kristen Stewart’s signature style. Maybe K-Stew shared a few beauty tips while they were together on the set of The Runaways?

Ouch, that’s cold.

But is Rob upgrading? Or keeping up with the trend we’ve seen amongst celebrity men: date your ex’s replica.

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Bling It On! And GlamLoud with Hpnotiq’s Make-Up Contest

I am a MAC addict. I’m not sure if that term actually exists, but to explain: a MAC addict is someone completely and hopelessly devoted to MAC cosmetics.

My addiction started off small. I would buy a few colors here and there. Then this year it went full blown when I realized I could buy collections in its entirety.

Yes, collections.

Hidden in my vanity are full spectrum mineralize eyeshadows, at least three of each newly launched lipglass and lipstick. I have a sample from every new line and the scariest part of it all? I know the name to every single color that I have. From “Lady at Play” to “Viva Glam I” I can walk to the MAC store and give a list to the sales associate in what seems to be another language.

Who says I’m not bilingual?

Bling It On! Glam Hpnotiq Logo Version 1

But Hpnotiq knows I’m not the only one. Each morning I walk past the Sephora store and share in a women’s satisfied smile as she leaves with her purchase. That little bit of rose on her cheek, the perfectly painted lips — it gives us the bounce to our step even on our worst days.

I’ve partnered with Hpnotiq this past month to tell you about their Bling It On and GlamLouder contest and sweepstakes and now, my favorite focus: MAKE-UP!

Four lucky winners will win a $1,200 gift card to Sephora or Ulta thanks to Hpnotiq — the brand that truly believes in glam. They’ll also compete in the final round for a chance to win the grand prize trip for the winner and three friends to go shopping with a celebrity in Los Angeles! Even better – the grand prize winner will star in a professional photo shoot for the chance to be in a real Hpnotiq Ad!

So how do you enter?

To enter visit the Hpnotiq contest page, or visit Hpnotiq’s Facebook page OR follow @Hpnotiq on twitter and tweet them your picture using the hashtag #GLAMLOUDER before 11:59 am on July 14th!

Read the full contest rules here.

So like I always do, pucker and pout ladies — and live life luxuriously!